About Me

I am a writer by avocation. My pen name is Carl Holiday. I use a pen name because I am a very private individual and the community where I live is rather gossipy. As of August 13, 2020, I entered my seventh decade of life. Currently, my medical status is alive with complications, which include Hypertension, Essential Tremor, Peripheral Neuropathy, and, the fun one, Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar Type.

I live with my forty-four year-old son, Nate, and two spoiled German Shepherds, Nana and Sara. We live alongside a creek in a small town in what is commonly called the wet side of the mountains. Storms coming in off the Pacific Ocean hit the Cascade Mountains and release their moisture. On the south side of our town we have the US-2 highway, a major siding for the BNSF railroad Northern Transcon, and the Skykomish River.

Nana got in the habit of chasing her tail early in life and now it has become an OCD issue, but she’s a good dog who defends the house against other dogs on leashes, children on bikes or scooters, birds of any size, cats, squirrels, the mail truck, the FedEx truck, the UPS truck, and the neighbor’s son who has a loud stereo in his pickup and drives by nearly everyday. Although Nana is only four, her hips are going out and she’s taking an NSAID for pain.

Two year-old Sara is a dear, sweet dog who is everybody’s friend. She often gets to go next door to play with her friend Douglas, who is a Great Pyrenees-Retriever mix. Unfortunately, she was born with a bad heart valve and takes heart medicine. Also, because of her unhealthy heart, our vet felt she should not be spayed because he could not guarantee she would not survive the operation, so there will be times when Sara and Douglas won’t be playing together because our neighbors do not neuter their male dogs. Yes, today that is socially irresponsible, but they’re devout Christians and have God on their side. My son’s friend often comes out from the city and brings Sara’s best friend Daisy, a beautiful white Amstaff. Daisy likes me, too.

I write in the genres of Gay Fiction, YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and stories involving mental illness. I am not afraid of killing a character and sometimes I will not hesitate to kill the protagonist as a plot twist. I have posted some of my stories at the story site GayAuthors.org. If you want to read any of my stuff, on the home page there is a link to Signature Authors. I am under the user ID CarlHoliday. Click the link and you’ll be redirected to my stories. Many of them have sex scenes, they are clearly marked as Mature. If you are underage or are in a living situation where reading such stories is illegal, please refrain from opening those stories. There are others that do not have sex scenes and are marked Teen or Everyone.