I Can’t Believe It

I can’t believe I’ve neglected this for so long.

So, I guess this is a new beginning and hopefully this will lead to more entries in the future, the near future to be exact. So, what’s up?

Story-wise, I’m putting the finishing touches on a sci-fi novel that takes place on three planets of a five planet empire. The basis for the novel is a eugenics program that ended a few millennia ago. The final result of the program were deformed stillborn babies throughout all life lines.

There was another result from the program. At the 1768th generation, 76 babies were discovered to have mutations on their sex chromosomes. These babies, and subsequently occurring babies with the mutation, were taken out of the main breeding lines and bred among themselves.

In the course of two millennia, the 1768 generation produced a new species under the genus Homo. This species is noted for the altered functions in producing offspring. The female’s ovaries produce one or more eggs that traverse the fallopian tubes to the top of the cervix. The male’s enters the lower end of the cervix and ejaculates. Sperm and eggs mix and are drawn back into the male’s urethra to an opening above the prostate gland. There the mix enters the male’s uterus. After five to seven months, the baby traverses the birth canal and exits at the perineum.

Probably to confuse the geneticists, the female only produces a eggs in response to sexual arousal. The and the male doesn’t experience a menstrual cycle. The uterus is a small insignificant organ between the urethra and the bowel until it is awakened in response to sexual activity.

This new species is called Homo schticksia (Schtickists) because at an early age, soon after gaining the ability to walk, babies will do pratfalls. After that, in almost quick succession, double takes, silly walks, pirouettes, and silly dancing are added to the child’s repertoire. Speech adds silly songs and silly jokes. At puberty, the male gains the ability to produce brightly-colored, sticky urine they use to express their dissatisfaction with life.

Schtickists are second-class citizens. Their movements, residences, employment, communications, education, etc., are strictly controlled by all government agencies. They can be summarily executed by the police for the slightest offence. If they are involved in an accident and the Schtickist ward at any nearby hospital is full, they will be humanely euthanized.

Times are changing though.

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