March is Tomorrow?

So, where to begin?

I’m on the schedule to get a new left knee in the May/June surgeries. Once that’s taken care of, I’ll go for a new right knee. I’m delaying the right knee because I’ll lose driving privileges for over eight weeks. That will put more of a strain on Nathan because I won’t be able to run my normal errands. New knees are contingent on passing a few medical tests like EKG, chest x-ray, and possibly kidney exams.

There’s a new family member lurking around the house. Nathan’s friend Bryce has two dogs: a female Pit Bull mix and a male Australian Shepherd/Jack Russell Terrier/Pit Bull mix, neither of which has been neutered. Sometime last November they got together for some unsupervised play. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a time for them to be together anywhere on the property. Of course, pregnancy was the result.

Herbie is smaller than most of the other puppies. Actually, he’s only bigger than the runt of the litter. He’s brown merle with white feet, white tip of his tail, and Pit Bull ears. He’ll be having a little operation the 5th of May, because Sara couldn’t have an operation due to her heart murmur. The cardiologist couldn’t give her good odds of surviving a spay operation.

The schizo thingy has been acting up making it a bit harder to write. Actually, I haven’t been writing at all and it’s easy to blame the schizo thingy. At least I’m reading, doing mathematics with Brilliant, and taking courses at MasterClass (I just started the one for making bread.) So, I suppose that’s helping my brain combat the schizo thingy. Maybe, I should look into that. It’ll give me something more to do rather than writing.

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